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Pamphlets being handed out in the Dutch capital are calling for religious people to wipe out gay people.The leaflets call on Muslims, Christians and Jews to unite and reminds them that homosexuality is forbidden in their… Read more
Germany has the largest LGBT population in Europe, according to research.The news comes from Berlin’s Dalia Research GmbH, which published the results of a Europe-wide EuroPulse study, which interviewed 10,000 people acr… Read more
Iraqi forces are planning an assault to retake the ISIS stronghold of Mosul.The city, which has been occupied by the so-called Islamic State since June 2014, has been central to their homophobic propaganda campaign.Many … Read more
Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull may be banned from Sydney Mardi Gras after the collapse of negotiations on equal marriage.Mr Turnbull had attempted to avoid a rift with his own ultra-conservative MPs by bringi… Read more
The next Bingham Cup, often described as gay rugby’s ‘world cup’, is to be held in Amsterdam.The Amsterdam Lowlanders will host the competition, officially known as the Mark Kendall Bingham Memorial Tournament, in th… Read more

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I've been to this site few days ago and i think that I liked it.Finally I found the site where I can recognize people that have the same feeling like me.Though I look like a kid in a candy shop when i… Read more

Top Secret

Who allow us to be EXPOSED? who put us in X-file? who make us TOP SECRET? WAITING TO BE DISPOSED.. Read more
Why should you go to receive an sensual medical massage from a Chinese Medicine physician rather than from a gay masseur? It may seem like quite a challenge to come to a gay masseur that will touch y… Read more