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One of the most powerful countries in the world has reportedly elected a man who says he opposes homosexuality to be president.Voters in South Korea, the eleventh richest nation on earth, have seemingly handed a sizeable… Read more
A young gay man has been insulted and later outed after phoning a helpline in RussiaThe man reportedly called FROG, a St Petersburg-based Russian hotline, looking for counselling.After the man explained that he was gay, … Read more
The Eurovision Song Contest referenced Kyiv’s unfinished rainbow arch during last night’s semi-final.Ahead of this week’s Eurovision Song Contest in Ukraine, Kyiv’s Friendship of Nations Arch, which was originally dedica… Read more
Two Indonesian men arrested for having gay sex have been told their punishment should be 80 lashes in public.The 20 and 23-year-old defendants reportedly appeared at the Shariah court last night without a lawyer, and hea… Read more
Guyana, the only South American country which still bans same-sex sexual activity, will not hold a referendum to give voters the choice to decriminalise homosexuality – despite media organisations claiming the opposite.T… Read more

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I've been to this site few days ago and i think that I liked it.Finally I found the site where I can recognize people that have the same feeling like me.Though I look like a kid in a candy shop when i… Read more
Why should you go to receive an sensual medical massage from a Chinese Medicine physician rather than from a gay masseur? It may seem like quite a challenge to come to a gay masseur that will touch y… Read more

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Who allow us to be EXPOSED? who put us in X-file? who make us TOP SECRET? WAITING TO BE DISPOSED.. Read more