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Gay Afghans who are being deported are being told that they should “pretend to be straight” in guidelines issued by the British government.The guidance was issued to those who are being deported back to Afghanistan, wher… Read more
A transgender woman was murdered in Malaysia on Thursday.According to the Human Rights Watch, Sameera Krishnan, 27, was “brutally murdered” in the city of Kuantan on Thursday at 03:30.Krishnan’s funeral was held on Frida… Read more
Pope Francis has attacked Catholics who do not practice proper Christian values, and suggested that atheists are better than those who are unfaithful.The Vatican Radio posted a transcript from one a mass given by the Pop… Read more
The USA could join the Commonwealth as an associate member, it has been revealed.According to reports the Royal Commonwealth Society is making plans to open a branch in the United States.It’s said the move is with a view… Read more
Same-sex marriage has become legal for the first time in Slovenia today.Although the law will give couples largely the same rights as heterosexual ones, it still bans them from jointly adopting children. The law was pass… Read more

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DULL love As gay, you know.. Isolation is fate. World is unfair. We are helpless. Gay is SIN. Nowhere will accept us. A man in Island. We are jerk. Am I? One of them? I am so confused. I felt helple… Read more

Top Secret

Who allow us to be EXPOSED? who put us in X-file? who make us TOP SECRET? WAITING TO BE DISPOSED.. Read more


I've been to this site few days ago and i think that I liked it.Finally I found the site where I can recognize people that have the same feeling like me.Though I look like a kid in a candy shop when i… Read more